INFE Malta is one of the latest additions to the world’s fastest growing Eurovision Fan Club Network (INFE Network).

infe network - the 21 infe clubs
The 21 INFE Network clubs (as on 13.02.18)

The voting for the INFE Poll 2017 was the very first official activity for it. The Maltese club operates in close partnership with the facebook page #EFM – Eurovision Fans Malta which was first established in June 2016 for all fans who wanted to keep updated with the latest news and gossip from the Eurovision World. With 5,300+ followers the creators of #EFM soon realised that their FB page rose to an unexpected popularity, within a relatively short span of time, among the Maltese Eurovision fans. So, the proposal to establish INFE Malta was taken seriously.

”it’s for the fans!”

infe malta logo 2018
The official logo of INFE Malta (launched in January 2018)