Christabelle faces harshest criticism from fellow Maltese

[16:45 CET] On a post written on her personal facebook page about three hours ago, Maltese Eurovision 2018 entry singer, Christabelle stated the following:

This week I will not be using my personal Facebook page much. I am trying to stay away from negative vibes that SOME fellow Maltese brothers and sisters insist on divulging.

On another note I can’t but thank the thousands who have shown their love and support towards me and team MALTA. Having said that I cannot but help but point out that instead of spreading positive messages and be part of this amazing wave of positivity, some just keep pushing their destructive agenda. A real pity when overall, the international media have had nothing but lovely comments about our show this year, with some also saying that they are ranking it as one of their favorites in this year’s competition. For this reason, I shall personally stay away from these negative vibes and focus on making our country proud and showing everyone that positivity makes the world a better place.

Finally I would like to thank wholeheartedly all those who have been supportive throughout this journey and to my team for their constant hard work! It is the best experience of my life and I am going to make it count ❤️❤️❤️ xxxx

Honestly guys I do not know what I could do more!


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