San Marino: Jessika to sing the duet song in the finals

Local star Jessika, together with Franklin Calleja, is among the 11 international participants trying their luck to represent San Marino at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.   The national selection is being produced by UK-based 1in360, who together with the Sanmarinese Eurovision Delegation are meticulously picking the right singer for the contest.

During the finals in San Marino, red-haired Jessika will be sharing the stage with the rapper from San Marino, Irol.  They will be performing Who we are, which was the first song they presented during the preliminary heats. This entry sounded perfect for Jessika’s timbre and stood out from the rest with the motivational lyric, ‘They can make us silent but in our hearts we will never be.’


In the second Heat, Jessika performed the power-ballad, Out of the Twilight:

This entry will however be peformed in the finals phase by Sara de Blue, another competitor.

You can watch Heat 2’s full show here:


The Finals in San Marino will be aired on Saturday 3rd March on 1in360‘s official youtube channel. INFE Malta will keep you posted.